Mykonos Bracelet Silver

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No jewelry box is complete without one of these little beauties. I swear by the fact that turquoise literally goes with everything!!!

 The Mykonos bracelet is brilliant in her simplicity.....3 little flakes of either sterling or gold at the center of all bright, bold turquoise. This turquoise is natural reconstituted turquoise, which is when they basically mash up the broken and scrap pieces of turquoise and press them together to reconstitute it. I love that it’s natural and I LOVE that it’s using what would otherwise be wasted! 

 Let me tell you about the metal beads...some of my all-time favorites!! These are actually ceramic beads that are fired to a high polish with either sterling or gold plating. They are made in Greece, and I am head over heels for them. Hope you are too! Remember to not wear your stretchy bracelets in water (it will eventually dry them out and they can crack!) and don’t overstretch them when taking on and off. They are super strong, but they do have their limits! Stretch them just enough to roll in and off and they’ll last you a good long while.

  • natural reconstituted turquoise
  • gold or silver plated ceramic beads from Greece
  • handcrafted by Cheri in the USA
  • avoid water and harsh chemicals