Luxe Cuff - Black and Gold Crowns

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The original Luxe Cuff. Crowns...for the gritty gal who is a queen. You always seem to be capable of going just a little bit further than you thought you are always a little bit stronger than you ever imagined....and just when you think you have nothing left to give, you are able to pull a little bit more from the deep well of power within you. You are a profound badass babe. Seriously! This black and gold version of the Crowns Cuff is another great one for expressing your fancy side! It pairs with the other black and gold ones like peanut butter and jelly.  This design is the “Medium” size, referring to the width of the design not the wrist size, which measures 1 1/4” wide. Each Luxe Cuff is handcrafted from start to finish! All cuffs can be ordered in a petite size if your wrist measures less than 6 1/4”. Please allow up to a week for me to create your masterpiece because this particular design and size takes me roughly 12 hours to craft. :) 

I start by beading one of my signature designs and then I hand stitch it to the most gorgeous leather. I don’t skip a single row of shortcuts! (I would shave a good hour and a half off the production time if I skipped a row between stitches, but it doesn’t make my heart feel as happy.) At the heart of each cuff is a sturdy copper core which is both durable and easy to form to your wrist for a truly custom fit. 

  • 1“ wide
  • Japanese Delica beads 
  • copper core
  • genuine leather
  • 100% handcrafted in USA 
  • not water-friendly

Care: I know we are gritty gals here, and we aren’t afraid of hard work and harder play, but these babies require some love. Keep them away from perfumes, water and any other chemicals like hairspray or oils. These should last long enough to pass on to someone you love as an heirloom piece if you keep these tips in mind. The leather will darken over time as it soaks up your natural oils. Take care not for to bend them too hard while fitting to your wrist that first time out of the kinks! Just slide it on your wrist and gently squeeze until it feels like it is part of you.